Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mom's dishes

A lot of my photos (see here, or here, or here) have a common trait: they feature pieces of pottery my mom has made. She has been a potter since the early '70s and while she often complains about the tedious, repetitive nature of "functional" pieces (e.g. dishes), I adore them!


the best cereal/soup bowls--really!

oblong casserole/bread pan

This may look like any old plate, but actually it is quite extraordinary! The clay was dug from the river banks near where I grew up--the Sturgeon River, to be exact. The clay is somewhat red and comes through beautifully under this thin white glaze.

And my all time favorite!
This has been glued back together several times, and even when I only have shards left I will still keep those!


  1. your Mom is incredibly talented! Thank you for sharing her pieces and for the beautiful text that accompanied them!

  2. Like Deana said, your mom is incredibly talented! The pieces are stunning ... as are your pictures -- what a beautiful blog!

  3. I feel the same way about the pieces that I have from your mom. My favorite bowl of all time is a discarded piece that was in the kiln when another piece exploded. So it isn't perfect, but that adds to the charm. It is still going strong even after 26 years...

    Do you know when I left home for college that I stole the entire set of mugs that my mom had that your mom made. I didn't even tell my mom--I just hid them in my bags. She was so mad when she visited and saw them in my cupboard.